More details about Umihara Kawase PSP revealed

Umihara Kawase - Image 1Umihara Kawase fans rejoice – not only is the game being ported over to the Sony PlayStation Portable, but it’s also going to have quite the polish job. New stages, new artwork, a replay function that keeps track of your speed runs should you choose to try and blaze through the fields in the fastest time possible – Marvelous Interactive is certainly piling on the goodies as far as quirky platforming on the PSP is concerned. Check out the entire scoop in the full article.

Umihara Kawase PSP - Image 1 

If you were hooked by the simple yet complex charm that is Umihara Kawase when it first came out on the Super Famicom, then you probably know the deal about the fishing line-toting girl and the rest of her scaly friends being ported over to the Sony PlayStation Portable. What you probably don’t know yet is the deal about the port not just being an exact port – but one that has all these neat extras.

What should get you excited about the PSP version of Umihara Kawase is that it seems to be a direct port of Umihara Kawase Syun, where the platforms have this three-dimensional perspective with them, instead of the usual flat 2D perspective of the Famicom version. There’s also going to be completely new stages added to the already hefty number of fields you’ll be swinging your way through (50 stages in the original), as well as a “Replay” function that keeps track of speed runs. Awesome for bragging rights.

Definitely a great title for those of us who want their platforming action to be just a bit more than the usual jump-and-run dealies. Updates as we get them, and you can check out the website itself by clicking on the via link below.

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