More details revealed about Street Fighter Movie

Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li - Image 1If you’re one of the many Street Fighter fans constantly refreshing the Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li production blog like a demon for more developments, then here’s an update direct from that source of information: three more actors have been inducted into the legendary cast. Want to find out who they are, and what roles they play in the movie? Then you need to head on over to the full article.

Street Fighter - Image 1 

If you’ve been following the news about the new Street Fighter movie currently in production in Bangkok, here’s an update: the guys behind this ambitious project has just confirmed through their production blog that there’s been additions to the cast.

Specifically, two actresses and one actor worth. Read on to find out just who got inducted into this legendary cast, and what roles they’ll be filling.

So, who are the new inductees? Moon Bloodgood (Pathfinder, Eight Below) will be playing as Maya. Pei Pei Cheng from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon will be filling the role of Zhilan. Finally, Edmund Chen who starred in the psychological horror The Eye will be stepping into Huang’s shoes.

We don’t quite know just what sort of characters they are, or how they figure into the game’s storyline, but it will definitely be interesting to see just how they do.

Besides the casting revelation, there’s also the bit about Michael Clarke Duncan – who will play as the non-kicking, headbutting Balrog in the film – doing his own stunts. There’s also hints that Kreuk and Ho will be appearing together in a provocative scene.

This makes the movie just a bit more attractive than it should be – we can’t wait to see Duncan’s own version of the megaton-punching Street Fighter knocking people out right and left. No, really! (Ed.’s note: Riiighht…)

Last but not least, the update in the production blog also hints about the actor cast as Gen, the world-weary Kung Fu master with his own deadly style of the Assassin Fist. A quote, taken directly from the website:

The integral role of GEN will be played by none other than…tune in next week to find out! Sorry to go all ‘American IdolÂ’ on your asses, but trust me, itÂ’s worth the wait (and its NOT who you think).

And that’s it. While we can certainly appreciate just who will be playing the key characters, we all know who we’re waiting for. Come on, Aaron Horwitz! Tell us who is going to play Zangief already!

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