More Gears of War 2 details spilled by Epic’s Mark Thompson

Marcus Fenix - Image 1More Gears of War 2 multiplayer details have been spilled over at Game Rumors. Mark Thompson of Epic Games was interviewed recently and what he had to say was pretty exciting. How exciting? For starters, a flamethrower just might be on the way! See the details after the jump.

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Mark Thompson of Epic Games was recently interviewed by website Game Rumor. The developer answered some questions about their upcoming biggie Gears of War 2 and details on the multiplayer mode were spilled. These are the information bits:

  • COG and Locust will each have 12 character models
  • A new map announced, “Dusk” puts players in a smaller, Raven Down style map with locust/cog battles in the distance scenery.
  • New flamethrower has a “fuel meter” instead of ammo clips like in other guns, and will jam if continually fired for an extended amount of time.
  • Hammer of Dawn will have only 3 charges until it “burns out”. A 4th charge is possible, but it will cause the weapon to explode killing the character and hopefully enemies close by.
  • SubwayÂ’s trains movement can be turned on / off with a switch. Described as being “the hardest aspect to program yet!”
  • A new gametype “Wanted” pits 9 Locusts on 1 COG or 9 COG on 1 Locust. This modified version of Juggernaut has a clock for each player counting how long each player is the wanted. The wanted can only be killed with execution style rules.
  • Boomshot has been modified to hold 3 ammo. Each individual rocket has been weakened, however, if you have 2 left with an active it will shoot them both out at the same time for a massive explosion.

Via Gamerumor

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