More Warriors Orochi battle videos from Koei

A logo for Warriors Orochi - Image 1Koei‘s Warriors Orochi, it seems, is all about kicking behind and taking names. If watching gameplay videos is your thing, then you’re in for a treat – Koei has released three additional videos of our protagonists doing what they do best. Turn to the full article after the jump to watch the videos!

Kick butt, ask questions later. That seems to be the motto for some video game characters, but it doesn’t seem to hold true for the protagonists in Warriors Orochi. In the three latest gameplay videos from Koei, our heroes continue to do what they do best: talking and fighting.

Koei’s three Warriors Orochi videos are entitled “Confronting the Enemy,” “On the Field of Battle” and “Crossing Swords.” Admittedly, “On the Field of Battle” seems to be the odd one out – the hero is oddly silent. Nevertheless, the other two videos have the characters happily chattering away in the midst of a heated battle with an army of clones.

It certainly makes you wonder how all these Koei characters can multitask so well. Practice makes perfect, we suppose. Anyway, that’s enough chatter from us. Enjoy this newly-released game and watch the videos below!

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