Most epic suicide committed using Halo 3 forge

Master Chief Halo 3 Bungie Studios - Image 1Got a lot of time in your hands? Why not create an impressive Halo 3 forge video? If you’re that bored, then you may want to check out how one clever Halo 3 gamer handled his own boredom: kicking the bucket – in-game, of course – in the most epic way possible. Check out the video in the full article!

If you were impressed with the Halo 3 forge maze video, your jaws would probably drop at the sight of this masterpiece. A Halo 3 gamer, who probably has a lot of time on his hands, managed to orchestrate the most epic way to kick the bucket… in-game, that is.

The impressive yet oddly depressing stunt, performed by Halo 3 gamer Evlmidget25, involved intricate placements of Man Cannons, shield walls, teleporters, and a perfectly-timed Plasma Grenade shot. Forget falling to your death in Halo 3, killing yourself with a bang is the way to go. Don’t tarry and check out the hilarious video embed below. Enjoy!

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