Myth War Online: new pet eggs in the Item Mall

Myth War Online: new pet eggs in the Item Mall - Image 1Bent on wrecking havoc unto the fiends found in the realm of Myth War Online? if you are, you can freely roam the world within the game with two new pets that are available.

IGG has recently announced that you guys can get your own Dream Dragon and Dream Flyer by purchasing them as eggs from the Item Mall. For a limited time only, discounts will be given to those who buy the eggs. Details on the pets in the full article.

Myth War Online: new pet eggs in the Item Mall - Image 1If you’re ready and willing to engage in battles with foes in the world of Myth War Online, then the two new pet eggs from the item mall could provide some additional firepower (and coolness) for your arsenal. IGG has released information that the Dream Dragon and Dream Flyer will be available as pet eggs from the Item Mall for only 1,000 points each.

IGG decided to make these pets available since players of the game showed a lot of interest on the GM’s ability to change their appearance from Dragons to Flyers.

If  you spend more than 500 points for a single purchase, you’ll be able to enjoy a discount of twenty percent. This deal is only valid until January 31, 2008.

If you want to know about the stats of the pets, head on over to the link below. In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted with more information on the game as we get it.


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