Namco Bandai trademarks “We Cheer”, new Wii cheer title?

Cheering Squad - Image 1Ah, cheerleaders. Who doesn’t like the perky young women dancing around, lifting up the spirits of their team and the crowd? Fortunately for some gamers (and maybe unfortunately for some), the cheerleading trend has seeped into the Nintendo Wii, and Namco Bandai looks like its jumping into the bandwagon as well. More to this tidbit in the full article.

Cheerleader - Image 1THQ‘s All Star Cheer Squad for the Nintendo Wii is barely out, but there’s a possibility that the fledgling cheering team will find its own rival squad. As it turns out, Namco Bandai just recently trademarked the name “We Cheer” in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The name itself is a big clue as to what kind of game it is and its platform, but  since there’s no pertinent information available at this time, we can only hazard guesses for now.

While many won’t mind the proliferation of short skirts and perky girls in their gaming, we just hope that the game will have a wider audience appeal, more than just attracting pre-teen to teenage cheerleader hopefuls. Like Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents for the DS, for instance.

We’re certainly piqued about this bit of news, and you can count on us to track this down. Stick with us for more updates.

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