Namco Bandai’s Afro Samurai trailer makes surprise debut at DICE 08

Artwork from Samurai Afro Japanese manga - Image 1Namco Bandai pulled a proverbial rabbit out of its hat when it presented a surprise trailer of the Afro Samurai video game during the recent DICE Summit 2008. Roger Hector, Vice President of Development, showed off some of the awesome animation and how faithful the translation of the title was compared to the original Japanese manga and animated series it was based on.

Afro Samurai animated series - Image 1Guess who decided to drop by and show his face during the recent DICE Summit? Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t exactly the surprise guest of the day, however his video game persona, in the form of Afro Samurai, made its debut with a trailer previewed during the video gaming event.

Roger Hector, Vice President of Development at Namco Bandai, showed off some of the funky fresh samurai’s moves in a short presentation of the game. Based on the video, the game pretty much captures the trademark art style the manga series is known for.

Fans of the series will also appreciate the upbeat and fresh sounds that goes with the game. Hector also showed off work in progress versions of the main character in both 2D and 3D forms.

In any case, Afro Samurai definitely looks like it’s shaping to be a great action gaming title once it’s released. As for the video itself, you can take a look at it through the Via link below. Enjoy!

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