NCsoft explains City of Heroes intermittent forum connectivity

The City of Heroes logo in red - Image 1Sometimes, momentary inconvenience is a byproduct of something that is intrinsically good. Nevertheless, it would help if someone were to explain why people have to go through the inconvenience, right?

That’s exactly what NCsoft did regarding the wonky City of Heroes forum connection last January 21, Monday. You can read more about it after the jump.

A City of Heroes standing around while the forums are wonky - Image 1If you were one of the players surfing the City of Heroes forums last Monday, January 21, then you most likely had trouble doing so, as the connectivity of the said forums proved wonky at best. There was actually a reason for that, and NCsoft has an explanation for you players out there.

According to NCsoft, the authentication servers necessary for logging in were undergoing maintenance at the time, hence the disruption to City of Heroes forums. Nevertheless, it was a temporary issue, and the forums went back to normal once the maintenance was completed.

This is not the first time that the City of Heroes forums or the City of Heroes MMORPG have experienced either unstable connectivity or actual downtime, as NCsoft has announced similar occurrences before during game server patches and maintenance. As before, all it takes is a little patience on the players’ part.

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