NeoDS v0.1.1 – now with Slot 2 sprite cache

NeoGeo AES - Image 1Fans of NeoGeo fighting games should definitely not miss out on the latest version of NeoDS v0.1.1, the NeoGeo AES/MVS emulator for the Nintendo DS (previous version here). What’s new this time is the optional function to use Slot 2 ran as sprite cache (if available). Check out the changelog in the full article.

Download: NeoDS v0.1.1

Nintendo DS - Image 1Nintendo DS owners who love their SNK and NeoGeo fighting games (King of Fighters, anyone?) should go grab the latest version of NeoDS, the NeoGeo AES/MVS emulator for Ninty’s touchscreen handheld created by Ben Ingram (previous version here).

The changes included in this update are mostly bug fixes, which you can check out from the changelog below:

  • Added level2 sprite cache in slot2 ram (if installed)
  • Increased rom page size (fix grenades Metal Slug 1)
  • Fix interrupt acknowledge (fix Metal Slug 2)
  • Fix tile layer palette update (Last Blade 2 gui)
  • Update converter to use latest MAME data (fix issues with King of Fighters 98, etc)
  • Thanks to FluBBa for a DAA Z80 instruction that [doesn’t] need a stupid lookup table (saves ram)
  • Fixed –bios options in NeoDSConvert

The download below doesn’t have a readme file included, so better make sure that you know what you’re doing when trying to install the application. If you have any questions, you can click on the Via link to get in touch with the developer.

Download: NeoDS v0.1.1

Via NeoDS

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