NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition 08: AgenaWorld v1.5

NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition 08: AgenaWorld v1.5 - Image 1Those who’ve been with QJ.NET for the past two years might remember one of the earlier homebrew releases called AgenaWorld from coder edepot. We just learned today that the developer upgraded the game to version 1.5 and entered in at NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition. Know more about this release after the jump!

Download: AgenaWorld v1.5

NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition 08: AgenaWorld v1.5 - Image 1

We were surprised to see homebrew coder edepot joined this year’s NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition with the creation AgenaWorld, mostly because it’s been more than two years since we last heard from the developer.

AgenaWorld is actually a space shooting game that is highly reminiscent of the PC game Homeworld. However, it comes with its own storyline and a set of features unique to this build. edepot listed them down:

  • Spacegate Cubes
    • To fire an EMP and activate the hypercube, press the “TRIANGLE” button when your ship is touching a spacegate cube.
    • Make sure that the game directory you put it in is set to run the 3.x firmware.
    • Tested on firmware 3.90 M33
  • Adding your own songs
    • It is possible to have your own music playing in the background instead of the default Agenaworld songs. You just have to convert them to wave files (with extension .wav).
    • Make sure they are stereo channel and 16 bit, while the bitrate can vary.
    • Not that the program won’t load the song if it is too big in size, so convert it to the lowest bitrate possible and work your way up to a higher bitrate testing to see if it loads in the game.
    • The files music1.wav, music2.wav, music3.wav and music4.wav are the song files. The rest are sound effects.
  • Adding your own pictures
    • It is possible to have your own pictures in the background.
    • Just take any picture and save it as a bitmap file in 32bit-XRGB format.
    • Note that you need to flip your picture vertically before you save, as the pixel lines are stored in reverse.

AgenaWorld v1.5 does come with its own documentation that can help you guys get started. Be sure to read that first to avoid any problems and to maximize the potential of this exciting homebrew release.

Download: AgenaWorld v1.5

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