NeoFlash Spring Competition 08: Dororo’s Adventure

Dororo's Adventure - Image 1Love tea? Looking for adventure? Then have we got the perfect homebrew game for you to try out. It’s called Dororo’s adventure, and the adventure begins, quite strangely enough, with the collection of tea leaves for his special brew. More on this after the jump!

Download: Dororo’s Adventure

Dororo's Adventure - Image 1 

If you like tea and you’re looking for an adventure to play on your PSP, then you might want to try out b0rk’s homebrew game, called Dororo’s Adventure. It’s a nifty 3d game that has you collecting bags and keys.

Here’s the story of the game, as written by b0rk:

One day Dororo found he had run out of tea and lacking exercise decides to trek into the forest and up the mountain to collect some more tea leaves (special brew no.3).

Along the way Dororo soon finds someone has been dropping little tied up bags. He decides to collect them all and follow the trail so that he can give them back.

The game’s been tested on firmware 1.50, and to install it, you just copy the folders that come with the download onto your PSP’s GAME directory. In any case, we suggest you check out this game, or some of the other homebrew releases that have come out for the NeoFlash‘s Spring Coding Competition. Enjoy!

Download: Dororo’s Adventure

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