NeoFlash Spring Competition 2008 entries – Flashcart OS: N 2.1 and DS-DOS v.45

DS-DOS wolped - Image 1Yes, it’s another batch of homebrew courtesy of the NeoFlash Spring Competition 2008. We have a couple of useful applications for you this time, in the form of TeenDev’s Flashcart OS and the update to wolped‘s DS-DOS (previous version here). Changelog and features list after the jump.

Download: Flashcart OS: N v2.1
Download: DS-DOS v0.45

Flashcart OS TeenDev - Image 1It’s another batch of homebrew goodness, courtesy of the current NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition. This time, the spotlight is on homebrew developer TeenDev’s Flashcart OS: N, and the latest update to wolped‘s awesome MS-DOS flavored file browser, DS-DOS.

First comes TeenDev’s Flashcart OS: N, also known as the Flashcart OS: Slot-1 Edition. It has a barebones set of features, nevertheless, it is a useful tool for those looking for simpler NDS booter alternatives. Here’s the list of features for this NeoFlash Compo 2008 entry:

  • Supports R4/M3 Simply skins that are converted to .gif
  • Has a file browser for booting NDS files.
  • Boots to MoonShell (moonshell.nds)
  • Boots to GBA mode

Next up is the update to homebrew developer wolped’s DS-DOS (previous version here). For those who aren’t familiar with this nifty program, it’s actually a file browser that looks and works like Ye Olde MS-DOS. There are a couple of things added to this nice piece of ‘brew since its last update. Check out the capsule changelog for DS-DOS version 0.45:

  • Fixed names larger than 6 characters (thanks cornaljoe)
  • Fixed bug that stopped hardware if fat3.dldi wasn’t found

Want to try out these programs? Simply download the files from the links found at the end of the article. Again, make sure to check out the readme files included in the downloads before installing any of the programs.

Download: Flashcart OS: N v2.1
Download: DS-DOS v0.45

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