NetHack DS v1.15a – new features, bug fixes

Nethack DS port - Image 1Homebrew developer brettk has been during the holiday season, releasing a slew of new releases for NetHackDS, the Nintendo DS port of the original 1987 game. A lot of new features and bug fixes have been added in this new build since version 1.12b. Check out the changelog in the full article.

Download: NetHackDS v1.14

Nethack port for the DS - Image 1Homebrew developer brettk has released a slew of new builds for his DS port of the classic NetHack game. NetHack DS is currently in version 1.15a.

Since version 1.12b, there have been a lot of bug fixes and new features added to the game. One of the more notable changes being the removal of triggermode.

Check out the rest of the changes in the changelog:

Version 1.15a Released

  • Yes, already. Fixed a map rendering bug in graphics mode caused by wall tile substitution in the NetHack core (this was evident when going from the regular dungeons to Sokoban, where the wall colours are supposed to change, but didn’t).

Version 1.15 Released.

  • Added the CHORDKEYS configuration option, which allows the user to define which keys may be used in combination of others for the purpose of key binding.
  • Removed triggermode (yes, after just two versions), in lieu of CHORDKEYS.
  • Display help for key bindings if a chord key is pressed.
  • Changed extended command input to use a menu, rather than the virtual keyboard.
  • Added the ability to bind keys for toggling boolean options (eg, holdmode, hpmon, etc).
  • Added “Show Keys” command, which pops up a window listing the current key bindings.
  • Added hilite_pet support.
  • Added new option “keyrepeat”, which controls whether or not keys repeat in the game (default on). Doesn’t affect menus, command window, etc.

Version 1.14 Released.

  • Fixed a regression where entering text on the keyboard would generate an erroneous tap in-game.
  • Fixed directional tapping to work when number_pad is enabled.
  • Fixed a regression preventing players from specifying ‘>’ for digging, etc.
  • Fixed bonesfile dropping (ie, it works now).
  • Fixed the sticky keyboard issue (sometimes the virtual buttons wouldn’t get released after the stylus was raised).
  • Fixed compassmode (Up/Down and Left/Right were swappedÂ… whoops!).
  • Added support for inverse text (eg, menucolors).
  • Added the sortloot patch (NHDS’s interface patchset now includes everything used on
  • Turned off holdmode by default.
  • Enabled key repeats on the virtual keyboard.
  • Enabled key repeats in the command window, and changed it so the cursor will wrap, rather than stop, at the edges.
  • Added support for unbinding keys (ie, binding keys to “No Command”). Useful for unbinding the triggerkey in triggermode.
  • Note, you can feel free to delete any files in your /NetHackDS directory starting with “1lock”. Those files were garbage left behind due to the breakage in the bonesfile handling.
  • Additionally, those that prefer holdmode will now have to enable it in defaults.nh.

Version 1.13a Released

  • Bah, left some debugging code in the previous release by accident, which prevented NHDS from powering off after a save. This is fixed.

Download: NetHackDS v1.14

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