Neuros OSD contest winner announcement!

thumb - Image 1Howdy folks, It’s that time. Time to announce the winner of the Neruos OSD contest we started up a few days ago. Did you win? Have you got a chance? Of course you have… providing you left a comment for the contest and have deemed it fit to sacrifice and devour a rather large, orange bird to the gods of luck this fine day.

Read on to find out whether you’re a winner!

thumb - Image 1First things first though, a couple of public service announcements from the dude’s who made this whole thing possible, Neuros, fear not, it’s pretty cool stuff.

You see, Neuros is about to release a new Beta firmware for the OSD, with 2 new applications developed by Neuros Hacker MattJ: Stream Fuse and Wooble.

Stream Fuse will allow Neuros OSD users to stream live TV remotely. The stream can be played on a PC with VLC or Mplayer, and on smartphones using compatible streaming software that include TCPMP (the Core Pocket Media Player).

Wooble is a simple web interface to access and control the Neuros OSD remotely. Operations like scheduling new recordings or changing a video channel that used to require being in front of the Neuros OSD and the use of its remote can now be done from a simple webpage anywhere.

Tres cool non? Anyway, on to the announcement.

And the winner is….


Congrats mate! Please claim your prize by Wenesday the 3rd of December. To do so, simply email [email protected] with the subject line “Neuros OSD Winner“. Please email using the email address you signed up to QJ with, we will not be able to validate your identity otherwise!

Thanks to all our readers for making this a fun competition. Rest assured there will be more in the future.

Don’t hang your heads though, if you didn’t win, CONGRATS! You’re an Anti-Winner, and that’s almost as good! Additionally, Neuros have also informed us that you can get the OSD at its lowest price ever right now on Amazon. You can get the OSD for over $100 off the regular price for a limited time only! Just hit the buy link below and you’re good to go! Go! Go! GO!

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