New Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation planes as DLC

Su-33 - Image 1Already played through Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation and unlocked all of the planes in the game? Don’t fret: Namco Bandai will have a handful of planes available for purchase, and a free downloadable F/A-18F Scarface Emblem to pierce the skies with. After the widely-successful demo release of their much-acclaimed flight simulator, Namco Bandai will have more downloadable content hit your dog-fighter hands very soon. Check out the full article for more information!

After the widely-successful demo release of Namco Bandai‘s much-acclaimed flight simulator Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, Namco Bandai will have more downloadable content hit your dog-fighter hands in the form of these new planes that will be available for purchase soon.

Su-33 Flanker The Idolmaster - Image 1 

Su-33 Flanker The Idolmaster Miki: If this doesn’t scream “otaku” in a shrill, high-pitched voice, then nothing will. This plane with beefed-up stability features Miki from Idolmaster, who probably wouldn’t fail to increase the troop’s morale whenever she flies past. This high-inducing plane will cost 400 MS points.

F16C Historic Windhover - Image 1 

F16C Historic Windhover: This is the same plane piloted by Daniel Pollini of the Garuda team. While ranking low in terms of stability, this aircraft has a high freedom of movement. This plane costs 200 MS points.

Mirage 2000-5 Experimental - Image 1 

Mirage 2000-5 Experimental: Be careful in handling this fast machine. A product of exhaustive research on thrust refinement, this experimental plane is exceedingly fast, making it a machine of choice only for advanced pilots. 200 MS points.

A-10A - Image 1 

A-10A Thunder Shark: This plane eschews the ever-useful missiles for a Gatling Gun. It’s enhanced stability makes it easier to down targets with its heavy artillery. Costs another 200 points.

F/A-18F - Image 1 

F/A-18F Scarface Emblem: This free-to-ride plane features the emblem of the ace pilots in Ace Combat 2. This aircraft has higher defense, but scores low in maneuverability as a result.

The above planes will be taking off as downloadable content starting on November 21, Wednesday.

Via Famitsu

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