New Dancer and Scholar quests in next FFXI version update

The scholar and the dancer get new quests in an upcoming version update - Image 1Heads up, dancers and scholars of Final Fantasy XI ! We’ve just learned that there’ll be new quests for dancers and scholars in the next scheduled version update for the game.

Interested in knowing what quests will be implemented in the game? Find out more after the jump!

Scholars and dancers get new quests in next scheduled version update - Image 1Dancers and Scholars in Square Enix‘s Final Fantasy XI will be pleased to know that new quests have been slated for the two job classes in the next version update, which appears to be scheduled for March.

According to the official website for Final Fantasy XI, the quests they have in store for the participants will be steeped in the rich lore of Vana’diel‘s past.

Dancers will be able to relive the founding of Troupe Brilioth as well as the past of its leader, Laila. Scholars, on the other hand, will witness both the rise and fall of the greatest school of  Martial Theory in Vana’diel: the Schultz School.

Of course, it isn’t all fun and games. The site notes that once the quests are up, you’ll need to hit particular job level requirements to go through the said quests. All in all though, these quests certainly bring out the best in the fields of dancing and scholarship.

We’ll update our website with more news on the upcoming changes to Final Fantasy XI as it happens, so keep checking QJ, alright?

Via Final Fantasy XI official website

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