New No More Heroes scan from Famitsu reveal new boss character

No More Heroes - Image 1Bosses are usually the highlight of any game that has them, and in this Famitsu scan update of No More Heroes for the Nintendo Wii and from Grasshopper Manufacture, we get another reason why this game should be a must-buy: because it features a cute girl with a cute outfit and a mean baseball bat for a boss. That’s right, a baseball bat that she uses to bash heads in with. Will Travis be able to hit a home run with her, or will he strike out? Time can only tell.

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No More Heroes Famitsu scan - Image 1Here to give Wii owners a gaming experience that’s a bit decidedly more insane and mature than the usual fare is Grasshopper Manufacture‘s No More Heroes for the the Nintendo Wii, and in this scan update we get to see a lot of skin.

Yep, it seems that Suda 51 is pushing the envelope in terms of adult content, as well as the idea of how crazy a boss design can get. A cute girl with a baseball bat, wearing a pink gothic lolita outfit with a plunging neckline? Boss material indeed.

We don’t know just what the specifics about this particular character, but suffice to say she’s going to be quite a challenge with her baseball bat and obvious lust for blood. It doesn’t help that she looks cute as a button, which would probably put Travis off guard considering that attractive females in the vicinity has been known to have an effect on the guy.

Looking at the scan, it seems we can add two more to the list of menial activities Travis can do in-between fighting crazy antagonists – namely taking care of kittens, as well as cleaning up graffiti. Too bad we can’t give Sylvia a rubdown as one of those menial tasks, as she seems in the market for a complete body work. Updates as we get them.

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