New Shuffle Dungeon for Blue Dragon now on XBL

Blue Dragon by Mistwalker - Image 1If you’re looking for downloadable content to prolong Mistwalker‘s Blue Dragon for the Microsoft Xbox 360, there’s something for you from Xbox Live Marketplace. The Shuffle Dungeon is now available for 400 MS Points, and getting a hold of it will bag you a place to put your high level characters to the test. With different patterns every time a player enters the dungeon, this DLC should provide a few hours of fun.

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Blue Dragon boxshot - Image 1Think you played everything out of Mistwalker‘s Blue Dragon on the Microsoft Xbox 360? Even if you’ve reached max levels and acquired the best equipment, the latest offering on Xbox Live Marketplace should challenge your party. The Shuffle Dungeon is one dangerous place for players with characters pumped up to level 70 and above.

For 400 MS Points, you can avail of eight new dungeon patterns and 23 patterns of enemies, items, and strategies for the Shuffle Dungeon. Ten new enemies and bosses along with plenty of fresh items are waiting, and their locations will be mixed up every time you enter the dungeon. Of course, going through the crazy place over and over won’t go without a reward.

We’re not exactly sure what the Shuffle Emblem is, but from the looks of it, the prize for completing the Shuffle Dungeon in all patterns available is better called “the bragging rights badge.” It’s up to you to find out how difficult it is to get, so head over to the Marketplace and spend those MS Points.

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