New Street Fighter 4 character to show up on February 8

The Street Fighter 4 logo - Image 1Game designers who work on sequels of popular games like Capcom‘s Street Fighter 4 are often faced with a precarious balancing act – that of keeping the new game familiar enough for  fans of the series and also introducing enough new content to keep the series fresh. One way of doing this is introducing a new character to the Street Fighter 4 roster. More on this after the jump.

The World Warriors of the Street Fighter series - Image 1One of the more interesting aspects ofplaying a new installment in a fighting game series like Street Fighter is being able to test a new fighter out against the established warriors. Players will eventually get to do that, too, as Capcom will be introducing another new character (besides Crimson Viper) to Street Fighter 4 fans.

So what’s up with this new World Warrior? Nothing much…yet. Capcom is apparently keeping a tight lid on the details for the moment, and the only word we’ve received so far is that the company plans to unveil the new character on the Capcom of Japan development blog February 8, 2008.

Nevertheless, the suspense-filled wait can only fan into a flame, especially since a playable demo of Street Fighter 4 demo will be unveiled at the AOU 2008 Amusement Expo about a week after the new character is scheduled to be revealed. Stay tuned for more updates on this new character as we get them!

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