Ninja Theory working on new project for PS3, Xbox 360 – movie considered

Ninja Theory - Image 1It looks like the devs over at Ninja Theory are looking to follow up on Heavenly Sword in more ways than one. In a recent interview, studio lead Nina Kristensen revealed that it’s quite possible for her firm to put together a CGI movie that will go with their next game set for the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. If that made you curious, see the full story right after the jump.

ps3, 360 - Image 1Ninja Theory, the development studio behind 2007 Sony PlayStation 3 stalwart Heavenly Sword, has confirmed that they’re working on a new game. Through head developer Nina Kristensen, the firm revealed that  the offering is slated for both the PS3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles.

Kristensen also shared that there’s a good chance that gamers will experience a nice synergy to the upcoming game. A CGI movie is also being considered to go along with the game.

Kristensen says Ninja Theory has its eyes set on a cross-platform, triple-A title that will take about two and a half years to complete. She adds that the new title will build on the development team’s strengths like storytelling and cinematic combat.

“But we’re actually looking at something in addition to that – we’re considering opportunities in creating a CGI movie using the game engine alongside the game itself,” Kristensen further explains.

Ninja Theory seems to have the right connections to pull off such an act. They’ve worked with such talents as Andy Serkis (actor, The Lord of the Rings) in Heavenly Sword, and the Play It By Ear studio (audio specialists from Mission Impossible 3).

Kristensen concludes that Ninja Theory intends to keep these relationships good for possible  opportunities if the planned CGI flick ever gets off the blueprints. This is certainly a nice development and you can bet we’ll be keeping tabs on it.

Via GamesIndustry

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