Nintendo features Wii Fit Japanese TV spots

The Wii Fit logo - Image 1TV spots for video games can be rather amusing, even silly at times, and Nintendo’s Japanese Wii Fit commercials are no exception. Nevertheless, the demonstrations have a way of driving the point home. What’s the point? Watch the videos after the jump and you’ll get precisely that.

Demonstrating how a product works is usually a more persuasive way of promoting it as compared to just talking about the product. In the case of Nintendo’s Wii Fit, different people in several Japanese TV spots have continued to show us what the various exercises in Wii Fit are all about.

While the Wii Fit TV spots were generally amusing, the demo of a Japanese lady gyrating in order to keep virtual hula hoops in motion took the cake, with the soccer ball-slash-shoe headbutting exercise a close second.

All in all, Nintendo’s Wii Fit TV spots have a intriguing way of making exercise look more fun to those who are attempting it. To have a better idea of what we mean, watch the videos below:

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