Nintendo raking it in, reports 34% increase in profits

Nintendo Wii and DS video game news - Image 1I wonder if they have a money bin like Scrooge McDuck just to store all their money. Nintendo has once again reported an insane amount of profits for the first part of this fiscal year – more than 30% of the amount they reported last year, which was already a huge amount on its own. More in the full article.

Nintendo Wii and DS video game news - Image 1 

Someday there has to come a point when everyone in the world has a Wii and a DS. It just doesn’t look like it’s anytime soon. According to the latest financial report from Nintendo, they have once again raked in an insane amount of moolah.

You remember how last year, they reported a JPÂ¥ 80.3 billion profit for their first quarter (about US$ 668 million at that time)? Well they actually managed to raise that number to JPÂ¥ 107.2 billion (US$ 990 million), up 34% from last year. Nintendo expects a 26.3% increase in income by March next year.

Hardware sales for the Wii console reached 5.17 million worldwide, which brings the total number of Wii sales since its release up to 29.62 million. Hardware sales for the DS handheld for the same period reached 6.94 million, bringing the total number of DS sales to 77.54 million.

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