Nintendo responds to latest Greenpeace Greener Electronics Ranking

The Nintendo logo - Image 1If someone gets a low score on a test or a ranking exercise, you can probably expect that someone make a statement about the low score. Well, that’s exactly what happened with Nintendo after Greenpeace released the latest Greener Electronics Ranking.

Apparently, someone asked Nintendo what the company thought about the 0.3 score. Nintendo responded by saying…well, we won’t tell you that here, sorry. Why not turn to the full article after the jump for more info?

Another Nintendo logo - Image 1 

When you have an noted organization like Greenpeace releasing Greener Electronics Ranking results, you can expect to hear from the companies involved. This is especially true for those whose scores may not have been so favorable. Well, a certain 8-Bit Jay asked Nintendo what it thought about the 0.3 score on Greenpeace’s scale, and Nintendo replied.

In a nutshell, Nintendo’s customer service responded to 8-Bit Jay’s query by saying that the company was surprised at the results of the report. According to Nintendo, the company has been making an effort to comply with all relevant regulations, such as recycling and what not.

To follow is an excerpt from Nintendo’s official statement:

We take great care to comply with all relevant regulations on avoiding the use of dangerous materials. All Nintendo products supplied worldwide are designed to comply with relevant global standards. In order to certify that Nintendo products comply with standards for hazardous chemical substances, Nintendo has established the Green Procurement Standards, which require our component suppliers to certify that any parts they deliver do not include hazardous chemical substances, and ensure that Nintendo fully controls its products internally.

Incidentally, a quick look at Nintendo’s previous response to an earlier Greenpeace ranking shows a similar reply. Nevertheless, part of the problem may lie in lack of communication – Greenpeace had reported that it had not received a reply from Nintendo despite previous inquiries into the latter’s policies.

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