Nintendo to bring Wii to South Korea on April 26

Nintendo to bring Wii in South Korea this April 26 - Image 1South Korean gamers will soon know and understand what the “hype” is all about as Nintendo has decided to finally launch the Wii in the region. The planned release is this coming April 26 for roughly around US$ 223 a unit. Know more after the jump!

Nintendo to bring Wii in South Korea this April 26 - Image 1It seems that the installed user base of the Wii is about to become bigger. We just got word that Nintendo has decided to release its newest video game console in Korea.

The planned launch is this coming April 26. According to our source, the release date of the system was planned in such a way to target the kids.

Accordingly, this is just a couple of days away from the Children’s Day celebration on May 5. It will be sold for 220,000 Won or roughly around US$ 223.

To further highlight the upcoming launch, it was no less than Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata who made a speech regarding this development at a press conference held at the Grand Hyatt in central Seoul.

Notes Iwata,

I remember that the general sentiment was skeptical when we first launched DS in Korea. But as we all know, it is now played by many customers here, even aged people who were unlikely to play video games before.

Wii Play and Wii Sports will be sold separately for 39,000 Won or US$ 39 apiece.

Via Korea Times

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