Nintendo Wii TV Guide Channel in action

Wii - Image 1Wondering just what Japanese Wii owners are getting way, way, way before we ever could? Then hit up the full article for a brief video of the Japan-only Wii TV Guide, a brand-new channel that lets you see the TV listings for the day, as well as rate your favorite shows. We want a North American version, Nintendo!

Not living in Japan and want to see just what the TV Guide Channel looks like? Then here to satisfy your curiosity is this video captured of this particular Wii Channel in action, and it’s definitely looking awesome. So awesome that we can’t help but burn with righteous rage and fury at Japan – they always get the good stuff first!

If anything, this definitely looks like the start of a new era for Nintendo. The interface is clean and pleasing to the eyes, the music that plays while you’re checking the TV listings is tranquil and catchy – and if we’re not wrong, it seems that it also has a feature where you can rate your favorite shows. Here’s hoping that it comes over to the other regions, and we get a feature where it displays a small in-game warning that your favorite show’s about to start.

Enjoy the video!

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