Nippon no Asoko de TV spot

Nippon no Asoko De - Image 1If you were intrigued by that map-making game for the Sony PlayStation Portable, you’d be delighted to know that there’s more to it than playing with your PSP camera. Nippon no Asoko de, where you step into the shoes of an alien exploring Japan, apparently also has god game elements. See its trailer at the full article to know what we’re talking about.

If Japan was to make its own version of SimCity, some of us expect the wackiest adaptation of the god game man could ever conceive. Those who think that way are probably right on the money, and you’ll agree after seeing the latest trailer of Nippon no Asoko de for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

With exploration of Japan in mind, Nippon no Asoko de (roughly translates to “Let’s go to Japan”) seems to have strong elements of god games – you apparently get to design your own world while in the shoes of a cute alien trying to map the Land of the Rising Sun.

We also previously found out that Nippon no Asoko de has its uses in real life if you’ve got your Sony PSP equipped with a camera. The game allows players to take pictures of Japan to help craft the in-game world as a faithful virtual counterpart. While waiting for this unique title’s April 24 release, you can watch the trailer below.

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