Official Eternal Sonata release date revealed

Eternal Sonata PS3 - Image 1Last E3, Namco Bandai broke the news that the Xbox 360-original title, Eternal Sonata, who will also be heading to the PlayStation 3, has been dated. At that time, they only had a vague “this Fall” release date. That’s not the case anymore now, though, as we’ve spotted an official date for the PS3 release.

Eternal Sonata PS3 - Image 1 

Last July, Namco Bandai revealed at the E3 that the Xbox 360-original title, Eternal Sonata, will also be crossing over the pond to the PlayStation 3 “this Fall”. While that was a fairly vague tag then, today we managed to get something more concrete.

An ad shows that the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata is coming on October 21, 2008. Now that’s as concrete as it gets. This new version will have new quests, new playable characters, new music, extra cutscenes, etc, so it looks like there’s a lot of reason for you guys to try this version out, even if you’ve already finished the Xbox 360 one.

We’ll keep the updates coming so just keep it posted here.

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