Official Japan Patapon website: ‘How To’ and ‘Special’ entries added

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's Patapon for PSP - Image 1Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has recently updated its official website for Patapon on the PlayStation Portable. For those of you who are looking for more content about the game starring those lovable one-eyed warmongers, then you might want to take a look at the full article to see the details of what new Pata-stuff were added to the site.

Screenshot of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's Patapon for PSP - Image 1For those of you who still haven’t had enough of those cute war-like tribescritters, the official Japanese website of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Patapon has come up with a couple of new updates starring those lovable one-eyed warmongers.

Just what gives the Patapons their strange charm is beyond this blogger, however nobody can’t deny the fact that the unique style of gameplay from the creators of Loco Roco is quite addicting. Anyway, the official website has added new entries to its “How To” and “Special” sections.

Taking a look at the new “How To” section, it basically shows how you can combine different materials your Patapons pick up during the course of the game to create new tribe members. It also depicts two of the special miracle powers you, as the Mighty Patapon, can use to aid your people.

As for the “Special” section of the website, you can take a look at the short video ad for the game under the “Movies” icon. It shows a brief description of the unique rhythm mechanics of Patapon and how it’s used in the game.

Patapon has already been released in Japan and will be seeing a North American release this February. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a couple more useful updates for the game before then. In any case, we’ll keep everyone posted on any new developments as we get them.

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