OXM: Ikaruga soon to be released on Xbox LIVE Marketplace?

Ikaruga Treasure - Image 1Yes, shooter fans have waited for so long for Treasure’s Ikaruga to arrive, and this news may be the one we’ve been waiting for so long: UK publication Official Xbox Magazine claims that the Xbox 360 version of Treasure’s Ikaruga is “Released OUT NOW” (yes, with enthusiastic capital letters), but there’s not a drop of Ikaruga in sight in Xbox Live Marketplace. What’s happening? Do check out the full article for more information.

Ikaruga Treasure - Image 1We hope that this isn’t meant as an April Fools Joke: the April issue of the Official Xbox Magazine claims that Treasure’s beloved shooter Ikaruga is “Released OUT NOW”. But hold your horses! The high-scoring game isn’t actually released yet.

While Ikaruga is nowhere to be seen from the downloadable list of games in Xbox LIVE Marketplace, we have to take into account the way printed magazines are distributed a month in advance. And yes, since the magazine in question is the April issue, we can surmise that Ikaruga will be out soon enough, sometime on April.

Do take note, however, that the Official Xbox Magazine which printed the story is a UK publication. Also, since we haven’t found any official confirmation on this juicy tidbit, we’ll file this under rumors for now. In any case, we certainly do hope that this means an imminent, sure release of Ikaruga. Updates as we get them!

Via Xbox 360 Fanboy

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