Patapon craze: the Patapon BE@RBRICK

Patapon craze: the Patapon BE@RBRICK - Image 1If you’re simply craving for more of SCEJ‘s Patapon? Well, you’re not alone since the beat of the game continues on even outside the game. In fact, BE@RBRICK will be releasing the Patapon BE@RBRICK soon. As you can see on the photo on the left, it’s begging to be noticed. Find out more on this ultra kawaii item after the jump!

Patapon craze: the Patapon BE@RBRICK - Image 1Now, if you simply can’t have enough from the rhythm game of SCEJ, then the Patapon BE@RBRICK might just do the trick. With the product shown on the right, you can definitely have more of the addicting game even if you’re not playing it.

Curious to know how you’ll be able to get your hands on one of these little babies? Well, announcements will be made throughout various gaming and toy websites on how people can catch the Patapon craze though this toy.

As for the price, well, it’s priceless, literally. Meaning, it won’t cost a dollar. Why? That’s because the only way people can have this is through special promotions.

Well, if you find yourself drooling at the picture and itching to know more about this, feel free to head on over to the source link below. As always, we’ll keep you posted on more of the Patapon craze, do come back often!

Via PlayStation Blog

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