Patapon Friday update: tips on how to get that Rain Juju going

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s Patapon for PSP - Image 1Some people may have already gotten their hands on Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.’s Patapon for the PlayStation Portable. However, understanding how the unique rhythm game works is an entirely different matter. Fortunately, the PlayStation Blog is here to the rescue as it posts some useful tips on how to get through the first few stages of the game. Read all about them in the full article after the jump.

Screenshot of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.'s Patapon for PSP - Image 1

It’s the first Friday after the North American release of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.’s (SCEI) Patapon for the PlayStation Portable and everyone’s drumming to the beat of those one-eyed tribal warriors. To help out all the Patapon fans with their fledgling army, here are a couple of tips to make sure you make it through the game’s first few stages.

One of the first few areas which stump most players is the desert section of the game. Some of you may actually have a perverse liking to seeing walking eyeballs fry under the desert’s scorching sun, unfortunately, it won’t get you very far unless you make it past this stage.

To get through this particular area, make sure you’ve already gotten the “Chaka” drum by defeating the Great Guardian Dodonga (the green dino-dragon monster). Next, go to the first hunting plain and repeat the rhythm displayed on the totem pole seen near the beginning of the stage.

You should then pick up the compass item, which should lead you to Dodonga’s bigger and badder brother Majidonga. After defeating him, you can then pick up the new “Don” drum, allowing you to play the Secret Rain Juju.

After equipping the Juju from the Headquarters screen before a mission, you can now go back to the desert area and bring forth a little rain so that your army doesn’t have to suffer from an acute case of hot feet anymore. Take note, however, that you need to be in Fever mode before you can activate the Secret Rain Juju command (Don-DonDon-DonDon!).

With that said, bring out those drums and march those Patapons to a Fevered victory!

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