Patapon update: the demo and the Spear of Protection

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's Patapon for the PlayStation Portable - Image 1Ready to hear this week’s Patapon update? A demo. We’re sure a good number of you guys are just as excited as we are for Patapon‘s upcoming demo and trust us when we say that it’s more than just a try-me version of the PSP rhythm video game. Check out the full version for more details.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's Patapon for the PlayStation Portable - Image 1Today’s Patapon update comes from Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, an Associate Producer from Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), and he addressed a common question on the PlayStation Blog during Fridays: Where and when will we see a Patapon demo?

Yes, there will be a demo but it won’t be “your run-of-the-mill-this-is-meh demo.” The Patapon demo will be featuring a first, something called demo-to-final save technology. Basically, when you play the demo (at your local GameStop), you can save your progress and pick up where you left off when you get your pre-ordered copy of the rhythm video game for the PSP.

Another plus in the demo is a rare Patapon weapon called the Spear of Protection. As you may have guessed, it will only be available in the demo and will be carried over to the full game if you have the demo’s saved game. Anyway, here are the instructions on how to get it:

  1. Get your hands on the demo (available at your local GameStop when you pre-order Patapon).
  2. Play through the demo, save your progress.
  3. Play, replay and replay everyday until Feb 26th (ok, you donÂ’t really have to do this).
  4. Come Feb. 26th, pick up a retail copy (you can pick one up for a friend tooÂ… its just 20 ka-ching).
  5. Load save file, and start off where the demo ended.
  6. Point and laugh at everybody else who didnÂ’t play the demo and will have to start from the beginning AND they wonÂ’t have the super-cool-demo-only “SPEAR OF PROTECTION” that will transfer to the final game once you load the save data.
  7. Progress onto Earthend.
  8. Check “must play Patapon” off things-to-accomplish-this-year list.

That’s it. According to Hinojosa-Miranda, the Patapon demo will be hitting your local GameStop in one or two weeks. We’ll keep you posted on further developments regarding this so stay tuned.

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