PDRoms Homebrew Coding Competition 3.99: Mega Drops, Kakuro Nichiyou PSP v1.1, Boxman PSP v1a

Sony Playstation Portable - Image 1The Sony PSP homebrew scene will keep on burning as long as developers have the fire. No better way to keep that flame than rivalry. With Mega Drops, Kakuro Nichiyou PSP version 1.1 (Newspaper Edition) and BoxMan PSP version 1a, the just-ended PDRoms Coding Competition 3.9 may have also sparked something brilliant. More details after the jump.

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Competition will always bring out the best in anyone – from men contending for a lady’s heart to Sony Playstation Portable developers. Seeing as this is a season of contests, the PDRoms Coding Competition has gathered three promising PSP homebrew games at deadline’s end: Mega Drops, Kakuro Nichiyou PSP version 1.1 (Newspaper Edition) and BoxMan PSP version 1a.

Mega Drops for PSP - Image 1Developer daaa57150‘s Mega Drops is a hodgepodge Puyo Puyo-inspired puzzle game with bits from Tetris Attack, Magical Drop 3, Lumines and DJ Max Portable.

The gameplay is quite simple. It all starts with a pair of falling blocks. Your goal is to match the shapes. String together four blocks of the same variety and they explode into nothingness. To make life a bit more challenging for you, lines will emerge from the bottom and you have to deal with them.

Same script as with all falling block-inspired game: once the blocks have nowhere to go, you’re a goner. Mega Drops feature two different levels with three difficulty modes. Some electro music is at hand to keep you entertained as well. Be sure to check the tutorial to get you started.

Download: Mega Drops

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Kakuro Nichiyou PSP v1.1 - Image 1Kakuro Nichiyou PSP version 1.1 is described by its developer MK2k as the younger brother of the very popular Sudoku puzzle. Kakuro, to most people, is the math version of the newspaper crossword. 

Gameplay is simple as well. You will just set numbers in the free spaces. But knowing where to set those numbers is a different story. So good luck with that. You can put in small numbers from one to nine to help you out, something like playing the crossword with a pencil.

Puzzle makers all over the world contributed to the 234 hand-picked and created puzzles for Kakuro Nichiyou. That’s a lot of puzzles to go around. You can save your game under twenty save slots. And if you’re at your wit’s end, MK2k installed a problem solver – but only for 203 out of the 234 available ones.

Download: Kakuro Nichiyou PSP v1.1 (Newspaper Edition)

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BoxMan PSP v1a - Image 1Last but not the least – yes, you had it coming – is another puzzle! BoxMan PSP version 1a from developer Judas keeps up with tradition with simple yet challenging gameplay. There are brown movable blocks which has to be reunited with the blue diamonds. Once all brown blocks are put in its proper place, you’re done. But that’s easier said than done.

Boxman PSP version 1a is a descendant of the Palm OS game, Boxman 2.4. The original version featured 172 levels, all of which are still playable for the PSP. However, developer Judas made sure to keep you occupied for a long time  The dev added two more level packs bringing the level count to a whopping total of 11,000. There you go; you just might see brown blocks in your sleep.

Download: BoxMan PSP v1a
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Thanks to developer daaa57150 for the heads up!

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