Peter Molyneux: Syndicate revival possible

Peter Molyneux - Image 1 Ever wondered just when the greats of PC gaming (Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate, Magic Carpet) will be making their presence known in this generation? The answer is a bit hazy, but it’s very possible, as none other than Peter Molyneux himself is chomping at the bit to remake them. Check out all the details and see what it means to you after the jump.

Syndicate - Image 1 

Remember Bullfrog’s game about industrial sabotage, Syndicate? If you do, then you’d be happy to know that Peter Molyneux himself is looking forward to doing a remake of the isometric, real-time tactical game of organized mayhem. No, this isn’t a confirmation that he’ll actually do a remake, but the big, big possibility is there.

Of course, while the possibility of him making a remake is big, a remake with him not even touching the code is also possible. This is frighteningly real, as he never had a hand in the upcoming DS remake of Populous (made by Electronic Arts). He says that he haven’t even seen it.

While we certainly shudder at the thought, we also can’t help but get excited. After all, Syndicate? Magic Carpet? Dungeon Keeper? Big titles in their day, and it would definitely be awesome to see them recreated in the next gen. In any case, updates as we get them, so let’s all just hope that one day, some big executive will see the light and give Molyneux the funding that he needs.

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