Pig Rabid (demo): control a sword-swinging pig

Pig Rabid (demo) - Image 1 pierrodu50, the creator of the KillS v3.7 homebrew game, has released a demo for a new titled dubbed Pig Rabid. The game’s a straightforward hack-‘n-slash affair that, while it’s short, may be worth a look. Details are available in the full article.

Download: Pig Rabid (demo)

Pig Rabid (demo) - Image 1 Pig Rabid (demo) - Image 2 

Developer pierrodu50, the creator of the KillS v3.7 homebrew, has recently announced the release of a demo game titled Pig Rabid. The game’s basically a side-scrolling hack ‘n slash adventure, where you control a sword-wielding pig as it travels from one world to another.

Here are the controls in case you’re interested in giving it a shot:

  • Cross: skip
  • Square accelerate (if energy permitting)
  • Joystick: Controlling the character
  • Right trigger: attack
  • Left trigger: defend itself

We remind the readers that this is just a demo.  pierrodu50 notes that Pig Rabid’s full release will include more monsters, and a game history. We further remind the readers that this game’s in French, so you’ll want to have a translator (or a French-literate friend) handy when you run the game.

Those interested in reading  the author’s notes for this game will want to visit pierrodu50’s release thread via the source link below.

Download: Pig Rabid (demo)

Via Xtreamlua

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