PlayStation 3 TV ad taken down for backwards-compatibility tone

Sony PlayStation 3 - Image 1Many would still love backwards compatibility for their Sony PlayStation 3 consoles (even if only previous models were fortunate to have it). This is why a “misleading” PlayStation 3 television ad from PC World implying that it can play all PS2 games have been pulled out. More details after the jump.

Sony PlayStation 3 - Image 1 

Backwards compatibility remains a strong bait for Sony PlayStation 3 gamers. That is why a  television advertisement from PC World which implies that the PS3 can play all PS2 games has been removed for being “misleading.”

If you can remember, Backwards Compatibility Status sites were put up a few years back by Sony to track PS2 games which can be played for the PS3. Thus, not all PS2 games can be played. Moreover, most of the backward compatible PS3 units are the old models.

The Advertising Standards Authority would not listen to appeals from PC World that the PS3 has already played 80% of PS2 games, with future software patches to boost this number. The said ad violated the CAP TV Advertising Standards Code rules 5.1 (misleading advertising).

It is interesting to note though that Sony has just confirmed the revival of the 80GB backwards compatible PS3 in the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots bundle. More updates as QJ.NET gets them.

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