PlayStation Home Countdown page spotted, beta coming late March?

Home - Image 1Hyped up for PlayStation Home? Then read on as it seems that the countdown to Sony‘s answer to Second Life (and all other virtual world/reality simulators) has begun, via a counter that was spotted only recently. There’s still quite the wait to go, but it’s definitely exciting to see all those numbers wind down as we get closer and closer. All the details in the full article.

PlayStation Home Countdown - Image 1

If you’re still worried about PlayStation Home‘s fate, even after the assurance of Sony itself that development is still ongoing despite Phil Harrison’s departure – then this should settle your nerves: the countdown for the virtual world/reality service’s beta release has been spotted. Yes, a countdown page, with only a counter and the PlayStation Home Beta logo on it. Nothing else, except the promise that PlayStation Home is coming.

Just when will this countdown end, you ask? Well, as of this writing, the counter says that we have only 22 days left – which points to a March 20 release. No, we haven’t quite received official word from Sony about this – but as far as release dates go, this seems pretty feasible. Now it’s all just a matter of staying sane while the pretty numbers wind down to oblivion. Updates as we get them.

Thanks to Caspre12 for the tip!

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