PlayStation Store PS3 content download with the PSP

Sony PSP to PS3 small - Image 1Ever wanted to come home to find your Sony PlayStation 3 loaded with all the latest content from the PlayStation Store including those updates released while you were not home?

Well, you might want to consider activating remote play on your PSP and PS3 so that you can do just exactly that. Want to know more about this feature? Be sure to check out the full article via the “read more” link below.

Sony PS3 to PSP - Image 1Like most of our readers, we here at QJ.NET just want to play games when we get home. Sometimes, however, downloading content gets in the way and takes away a good chunk of that time.
Thankfully though, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s PR Manager  Al de Leon posted a nice little trick that you can do with your PS3 and PSP regarding exactly that.

For the trick to work, you will have to own a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation Portable registered to the the console. If you’ve done that, you can control your PS3 from any WiFi spot using your PSP.

Simply log on to the PlayStation Store using your account and download what you want to play. By the time you get home, your system should be ready and properly set up for your gaming session.

If you need a more detailed instruction on how to set this up, feel free to head on over to the official PlayStation blog via our source link below.

Via PlayStation Blog

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