Pocket Gambler: be the baddest kid on the block

Slot Machine - Image 1Think you’re the baddest kid on the block? Well, you’re not, not unless you were able to steal a source code, a psp and a car all in one day. And oh, add poop to the list of stolen items. But thanks to homebrew developer littlevish‘s great time-waster for the PSP, Pocket Gambler. More details in the full article!

Download: Pocket Gambler
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forums

Slot Machine - Image 1Now here’s one good way to spend idle time with a PSP. Homebrew developer littlevish just came up with Pocket Gambler, a “cross between a casino game, and a text-based Grand Theft Auto.” It may sound a bit simple at this point, but check out how a QJ forum poster’s exploits turned out when he tried Pocket Gambler:

First I stole the windows source code and got away, I went to jail for stealing a psp, broke out, then went to jail again for stealing a car!

Pretty colorful, eh? Well, it may lack colors for now since all you can see in Pocket Gambler is text, but littlevish will eventually release an update with graphics in the near future. Until then, we can fiddle with this awesome text-based game. For more information, do read the game information as listed below:

  • Buy lottery tickets and play slot machines
  • Out of money? Take a risk and steal things to gain money, but you might get sent to jail.
  • In jail? Try to break out by yourself or by using special items. You can also behave well and hope for parole.
  • If you have a lot of money you can buy items, and then sell them later when you are low in money.
  • Coded in HTML and JavaScript
  • Currently only text, will make GUI later
  • High score submitting
  • Game saving and loading. This feature currently only works on the PSP, but expect a PC version using cookies to save soon.

To get your dose of entertainment just click on the link below and enjoy. Be sure to go over the readme file before installing Pocket Gambler. Enjoy!

Download: Pocket Gambler
Visit: QJ.Net’s PSP Development Forums

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