Pocket Physics

Pocket Physics for the DS - Image 1Looking for DS game that allows you to create your own set of brain teasers? We’ve just picked up word that 0xbow has completed work on Pocket Physics, a homebrew that animates whatever doodles you draw on the DS’ screen. More at the full article.

Download: Pocket Physics

Pocket Physics - Image 1While the DS is admittedly short on computing power compared to its competitors, never let it be said that the handheld lacks in innovation. Neither do its homebrew developers, for that matter, as we report on this latest project by coder 0xtob.

Dubbed Pocket Physics, this homebrew brings to life whatever you draw on the touchscreen, animating them according to the shape or characteristics you’ve set into your doodles. Imagine a DS version of The Incredible Machines, or maybe the PSP’s Echochrome, and you’re on the right track.

0xtob further notes that Pocket Physics is actually based on the Crayon Physics game originally created by Petri Purho. On a parting note, players will be happy to know that Pocket Physics will also work with the DS Motion card, which is used to control gravity. Enjoy the download, be sure to view the file readme, and to visit 0xtob to offer your feedback!

Download: Pocket Physics

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