Pop WiiWare dev faces pricing dilemma

WiiWare Pop - Image 1With WiiWare‘s launch in the U.S. comes plenty of opportunities for smaller game developers who can capitalize on the more casual platform. Thing is, devs who want their games downloadable on the Nintendo Wii have to decide how to price their products in respect to other titles available. Find out what Nnooo‘s creative director Nic Watt has to say about pricing the bubble shooter Pop at the full article.

WiiWare Pop - Image 1Indy developers finding themselves comfortable with the WiiWare doesn’t seem too farfetched, what with the Nintendo Wii’s broad target audience where even simple casual games can sell. The question here is this: How do devs price their downloadable offers?

Or at least, that’s what’s eating Nnooo (yes, that’s a company name) creative director Nic Watt behind the intriguing bubble shooter WiiWare title Pop. As of now he’s aiming for 500 to 800 Wii points, or a good U$ 5 to US$ 8 from your pockets.

While downloadable games from Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network already have similar prices, Watt believes pricing of a WiiWare title for a new company is “really tough” when there are other games with different prices. “Disc-based games are somewhat easier as they all generally retail for about the same price,” he added.

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