Postal 3 gameplay videos – running around with guns, badgers, and vacuums

Akella and Running With Scissors' Postal 3 for Xbox 360 and PC - Image 1 We’re sure some of you have been waiting for eye candy from Akella and Running With ScissorsPostal 3 and well, we’ve got them today. We’ve got a good number of short and sweet gameplay videos that feature the Postal guy wielding different weapons. Click on the link below for them videos.

The last time we heard about the third iteration of the uberly violent Postal series was when developer Running With Scissors shared some details about the video game at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). Today’s update includes four gameplay videos featuring some very… uh, creative weapons.

Postal 3 (Xbox 360 and PC) features some changes from the earlier iterations like the third person view and of course, it still has what the controversial series is known for, heaps upon heaps of violence. And then there’s the weapons. In the videos, we see guns, vacuums, and badgers. Yes, badgers.

Anyway, we’ll quit the babble so you can go on to watching the videos. We’ll keep you posted more news and goodies on RWS and Akella‘s Postal 3 so stay tuned.

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