PotBS announces Wicked Flag Design Contest winners

The Varyags design by Nosyd in PotBS - Image 1The semifinal round of Flying Lab’s Pirates of the Burning Sea Wicked Flag Design Contest has passed, and Troy “Aether” Hewitt has announced the list of winners! Apparently, Flying Lab has gotten tired of the same, old Skull and Crossbones design and has decided to test the creativity of their Pirates of the Burning Sea players with contests like this one. Feeling lucky? Go ahead and give it a shot, as the final round is still to come!

Check out the list of contest winners after the jump!

Pirates of the Burning Sea by Flying Lab Software - Image 1 

Troy “Aether” Hewitt, Director of Community Relations for Flying Lab Software and the Pirates of the Burning Sea MMORPG, recently announced the winners of the semifinal round of Flying Lab’s Wicked Flag Design Contest. The flag design contest offers PotBS players a chance to win prizes by designing original themed flags for pirates featured by Flying Lab.

According to Mr. Hewitt, the winners are as follows:

  • AdmiralSeer, for the design of the Lost Ironsides
  • Nosyd, for the depiction of the Varyags
  • Sadet, for the Hijos Verdaderos and Confrerie Libre designs

Aside from congratulating the PotBS winners, Mr. Hewitt also reassured previous Wicked Flag Design contest winners that Flying Lab hasn’t forgotten their prizes. Mr. Hewitt thanked these previous winners of the Pirates of the Burning Sea contest for their participation and encouraged them to remain patient, as Flying Lab would send them their prizes later within the week.

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