PotBS devs to slow down decay rate of Port Unrest for Conquest mode

Flying Lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea MMORPG - Image 1The developers from Flying Lab Software have announced that they are currently looking into the rapid decay rate of the Port Unrest Points in Pirates of the Burning Sea. They have assured players that they will be implementing the changes to this integral game mechanic as soon as possible for a more balanced overall gameplay.

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Screenshot of Flying Lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1Taking a look at one of the integral game mechanics of the title, the developers from Flying Lab Software have noted an increased rate of which the Port Unrest Points have been decaying since the previous maintenance of their swashbuckling MMO game Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with the Port Unrest Points system, each port may gain a certain number of Unrest Points after players have completed missions and economic warfare against their opposing factions’ port. When enough Unrest Points are accumulated, the area goes into a period of Unrest where the port and its surrounding Open Sea become a PvP hotspot for pirates and rival nations to battle on.

Since this is important to the entire “rival nations” concept of the game, the rate of decay has to decline at a balanced pace enough for players to make an impact on their intended target.

In an earlier news post brought up by Community Manager Aether, he mentioned that they will be adjusting the rate of decay to about 40% of what it currently is. This was the intended decay rate that they planned upon the launch of the game and he mentions that they will be working on implementing this as soon as possible. Hopefully, these changes will be worked into the game soon so that people can enjoy a more balanced and fun time playing it.

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