Project Origin trailer and screenshots: meet the Abomination

Monolith Productions' Project Origin - Image 1We know that curiosity killed the cat, but when you’re a Delta Force operative, you need to look for the trouble’s origin. In Monolith Productions‘ upcoming survival horror video game, Project Origin (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3), you’ll be meeting a lot of baddies and they will not be pleasant. Take the Abomination for example. You can check out a trailer and some screenshots for the said creature after the jump.

Sometimes, you have to remember what got the cat just so you can avoid some unnecessary stress – and possible death. Unfortunately, when you’re playing a Delta Force operative, you’ll have to see what lurks in the dark hallways and hides behind door number 3. Yes, we’re talking about Monolith Productions‘ upcoming survival horror FPS, Project Origin, and today, we have a video and some screenshots for you to cringe at.

In case you’ve been living somewhere with no internet connection, Project Origin (PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) is the sequel to F.E.A.R., that said, it also means that that scary little girl Alma is still on the loose. The sequel picks up immediately where the first game trails off and well, you know what happens next. Anyway, the trailer and the screenshots focus on a fellow you don’t want to meet when you’re alone: the Abomination. It’s fast, feisty, and it’s out to get you.

We’ll leave you to check the eye candy out. Let us know if you like what you see in Project Origin.

Monolith Production's Project Origin - Image 1 Monolith Production's Project Origin - Image 2 Monolith Production's Project Origin - Image 3 
Monolith Production's Project Origin - Image 4 Monolith Production's Project Origin - Image 5 Monolith Production's Project Origin - Image 6 

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