Project4 lives on; Open Beta 3 available for download

Project4 lives on; Open Beta 3 available for download - Image 1Heads up, PSP homebrew users! Coder Auraomega has just sent us an email, informing us that Open Beta 3 for XMB replacement Project4 has just been released.

This is good news after the coder announced that the source code for the program was lost. To know the full story how and why Project4 lives on as well as the changes to the new build, just click the “read more” link below.

Download: Project4 Open Beta 3

Project4 lives on; Open Beta 3 available for download - Image 1 

Homebrew developer Auraomega sent QJ.NET an email informing us that Project4 lives on. As a matter of fact, the coder had already worked on and had released Open Beta 3 for this Sony PSP XMB replacement.

According to Auraomega, it is true that the source code were lost at college but he was able to find a backup taken the day after release of Open Beta 2. The coder added that the secrecy involving the project was due to the possibility that he may not be able to update it enough.

Anyway, that’s all in the past now and Open Beta 3 is now here for the taking. The following changes were implemented by the coder in this build:

  • Added a boot sound.
  • Added an option to turn the bootsound on or off.
  • Added an optional filebrowser background, perfect for people who find their normal background doesn’t go well in the filebrowser or gets in the way.
  • Added a clock.
  • Added the ability to move the clock around the screen.
  • Changed the code to load the EBOOT menu when entering a folder with an EBOOT.PBP inside, only applies if using the “Request” option.
  • Allowed the icons to be varying sizes, giving the ability to customise the menu even more than before. Icon sizes are determined during bootup, so no editing in the config required.
  • Moved the selected icon to the centre, instead of the first.
  • When playing music, album art can be showed as long as Folder.jpg is present in the directory.
  • Added M3U playlist support, which works in all directories above or below unlike previous versions.
  • Added the “Low Key Music Player” which is like a very basic version of LightMP3 installed in the flash, when booting up the PSP if you press the left shoulder button it is loaded, and plays music in the file ms0:/PSP/MUSIC/LKMP.m3u. The clock speed is drastically reduced, making this a good option for those who use their PSPs as their main mp3 player.
  • Added some notes saying how to save, and how to temp save the config.
  • Changed the about screen to make it appear neater, and compacted the lists.
  • Centralised the menus (mount, request, extended) which looks neater, also changed the colour scheme for them.
  • Updated the default config written to comply with the updated code.
  • Added a [#] to each of the options that do not yet work, these are mounting of flash3, XMB loading, and resetting the PSP.
  • Added a device mounter that can mount:
    • Flash0:/ (read mode only)
    • Flash1:/
    • Flash2:/
    • Disc0:/  (untested but should work)
    • Host0:/  (assuming RemoteJoy or other plugins are loaded)

Auraomega is also reminding everyone that users of Project4 Open Beta 3 should have enough space in their flash0 to avoid problems. Also, be sure to browse through the documentation before doing anything.

Download: Project4 Open Beta 3

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