PS3 homebrew 2 Player Pong v1.0

PS3 SQ - Image 1The PlayStation 3 homebrew community that we once only dreamed of is now a reality as developer Dragula96 launched his first PS3 homebrew game PS3 Homebrew 2 Player Pong 1.0. This one uses FreePlay‘s BD-J Devkit concept and lets you play off a USB drive. Details after the jump.

Dpwnload: PS3 Pong Ready to Go Pack
Download: PS3 Pong source

PS3 Pong - Image 1 

You better believe it, people. FreePlay has opened up the door to PlayStation 3 homebrew with his BD-J Devkit which was released about a week ago. Now, homebrew dev Dragula96 has released more proof that the Java concept works by launching his first PS3 homebrew game.

Simply called the PS3 Homebrew 2 Player Pong 1.0, this one will have you playing the grand-daddy of all games with a friend. The game is still in its early stages and needs some more tweaks, but it does a great job of drilling home the point that there’s a lot of potential in PS3 homebrew.

To start playing your first homebrew game on the PS3, just follow these simple instructions from the dev himself:

Just extract the and put the AVCHD folder and everything in it on USB pen drive root directory.

Then place USB pen drive on ps3, go to video and run the AVCHD folder.

The source has been included in the downloads, so feel free to examine it and see if it gives you any cool ideas. Please go through the readme before proceeding. Enjoy!

Dpwnload: PS3 Pong Ready to Go Pack
Download: PS3 Pong source

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