PSN updates: PixelJunk Monsters, Echochrome and Elefunk

PSN updates: PixelJunk Monsters, Echochrome and Elefunk - Image 1Sony has recently released some new details regarding PixelJunk Monsters, Echochrome (PS3, PSP) and Elefunk. PixelJunk Monsters’ U.S. release is expected to get a new expansion pack this April, for one. The company also announced their expected launch window for Echochrome and Elefunk for Europe. Details on these are in the full article.

PSN updates: PixelJunk Monsters, Echochrome and Elefunk - Image 1If you happen to be a frequent shopper over at Sony‘s PlayStation Store, here’s a heads-up. The company is sending word that North America‘s residents can expect to see a new PixelJunk Monsters expansion pack for this April.

The Encore pack will include 15 news levels, new visual effects, as well as several to-be-announced game balance fixes. No other details were announced, so we’re not sure how much it will cost (for now, at least.)

Speaking regarding Europe‘s PSN, Sony also announced that it will be planning to release Echochrome and Elefunk to the region’s PlayStation 3s by May. Also following in on the said launch window is Echochrome for the PSP, though Sony didn’t specify whether the UMD or PlayStation Store release will arrive first.

That’s all the info Sony has to share for the moment, though this news should at least give you an idea of what’s coming soon. Drop by again in case the company’s sends out more details regarding these PSN titles.

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