PSN video store to launch in Japan this September

Sony PS3 - Image 1While a lot of us welcomed the arrival of the PlayStation Network‘s video download service, Japan didn’t get its fill of the new feature. Not to worry, says Sony as it assured the region that the store would hit its shores by September. More details in the full article.

PSN logo - Image 1 

While the Western PlayStation 3 world was treated to a pleasant surprise in E3 2008 with the launch of the PSN video service, their Japanese counterparts couldn’t say they feel the same. The video store will debut in the country in September and Sony seems to have a viable plan on how to pull it off.

The video service’s launch in Japan will be headlined by the anime Bounen no Zamudo from Bones. It will be available on a rental basis in both HD and SD.

The show will have 26 30-minute episodes which will cost 300 yen (US$ 2.80) in SD and 400 yen (US$ 4.80) in HD. The rental is valid for three days and will be exclusive to the PSN as there are no plans to televise it yet.

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